Advice from a dolphin

Advice from a dolphin


Advice from a DOLPHIN

Have a playful spirit.

Be curious.

Find someone you really click with.

Sound out new ideas.

Glide through the day with ease.

Find your life’s porpoise.

Consider the flip side!

-Ilan Shamir

Raising Ecstasy

What are you curious about today? Consider a situation that has your attention….what does the flip side look like? What can you do this weekend to have a playful spirit? Who do you know that you click with?

Develop your power…

Develop your power…


“Develop your power of creation and then use it to create immense beauty in your own life, and in the lives of others.” ~Bryant McGill Original link

What is in your power to create that will bring beauty to you and the lives of others? Pick one thing and then do it! How did it feel? Did anyone notice?